Rory Cowan was bored of Mrs Brown's Boys

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  • 11 July 2017
Rory Cowan

Rory Cowan

Rory Cowan has revealed why he quit 'Mrs Brown's Boys,' claiming he was "bored" of doing the same arenas and he didn't need to stay

Rory Cowan quit 'Mrs Brown's Boys' because he was "bored".

The 57-year-old Irish actor - who has portrayed Agnes' son Rory in the comedy for 26 years - performed with his co-stars for the final time at London's O2 Arena on Sunday (09.07.17) after handing his notice into creator Brendan O'Carroll (Mrs. Brown/Agnes) last month, and has admitted he decided it was time to bow out of the production because he got "tired" of the same format and wanted to try something new.

Speaking to the Mirror Online, he said: "I got tired of it, I haven't been happy for the last two years working there. There was no row with Brendan, there was no dispute over money or anything - in fact quite the opposite.

"I got so well paid it enabled me to be able to leave, I didn't need to stay.

"What was killing me was we were doing the exact same arenas in the exact same order we did two years ago. I would have known week-by-week where I'd be until 2022 - and it's not like they're different every year, it's the same thing.

"We're so big now that years are scheduled out. It's not exhausting, it's just boring.

"I was either flying all the time or in a new city but it wasn't even a new city and there's nothing to see. I mean London was great, you could never get bored there, but that's only for one week. Once you'd seen everything the first time you'd been to a venue, after that it was just the same old, same old. It was starting to become a phobia for me, I was beginning to dread it, so I decided it was time to go."

'Mrs Brown's Boys' was originally a stage show but became an instant television hit when the BBC picked it up in 2011. Since then, the cast have sold out shows around the world and released a film titled 'Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie' in 2014.

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