Hunky Mario?

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  • 18 June 2008

Mario in the garden

Mario and Lisa are convinced Rachel is on a secret mission.

The loved-up pair started chatting about Rachel in the garden this afternoon (16.06.08, 2.48pm) and soon convinced themselves the Welsh housemate was undergoing a special task for Big Brother.

The couple were so sure they had "rumbled" Rachel they rushed off to the Diary Room to confront Big Brother, although Lisa soon started to wonder if they were being "paranoid."

In the Diary Room, Lisa said: "We're starting to get a bit suspicious about Rachel. Wherever we go, Rachel goes. There's a lot of intensity there."

Mario added: "Either she's up for a task or she's being a massive flirt with me. We've both agreed that we think Rachel may have been given a task to flirt with myself and possibly cause a bit of a divide between Lisa and I."

Later (3.11pm), Lisa brought up the subject of Rachel again, saying to Mario: "It's got to the point it's dead obvious, but you haven't said anything to me."

She then accused her boyfriend of being in on the task and said she might go to Big Brother with her suspicions.

Mario laughed off the accusation, insisting he found Rachel "a little bit annoying."

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