Lisa dislikes Rachel

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  • 18 June 2008

Lisa in the Diary Room

Mario, Lisa and Luke bitched about Rachel this morning (18.06.08).

Lisa instigated the trio's gossip session by complaining Rachel continually interrupts people, and in a surprising twist Mario and Luke admitted they preferred loudmouthed Alexandra.

Lisa said: "Alexandra asked me something and Rachel just came along and comes in between you. She'll just walk up and start talking."

Mario seconded his girlfriend's thoughts on the Welsh trainee teacher, saying: "She's in and out of people's pockets, and that's not genuine."

Even mild-mannered Luke stuck his oar in, saying: "I think she's almost obnoxiously nice. It's in your face, happy all the time. Deluded."

Mario agreed: "She doesn't face reality. She's gone into denial."

The self-styled stud then commented on Alex, saying: "I'll give Alex her credibility, she speaks her mind and I like that."

In total agreement, Luke replied: "I like Alex. If she has a problem she'll tell you to your face."

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