Chopstick cheer

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  • 18 June 2008

Housemates in their Japanese costumes

Rachel, Luke and Mario have completed the 'Chopstick Challenge'.

Water with noodles floating in it was pumped through bamboo tubing in the garden this afternoon (18.06.08, 2.20pm) and the three 'Big Brother' housemates had to collect the noodles using their chopsticks.

The group had to capture enough noodles to fill up a bowl each, with two bowls needing to be full in order for the task to be passed.

Luke was amazed when he heard they only had five minutes to complete their challenge, as he thought they would have at least "one hour."

The other housemates gathered in the garden to encourage Luke, Mario and Rachel.

As the task started the pressure became too much for Rachel, who spied that Luke was only using one chopstick to lever noodles into his bowl and snapped: "Use your noodles properly Luke!"

However, Luke's unconventional method paid off and he was the first to fill his bowl.

Luke then started helping Mario, who had struggled with the chopsticks earlier due to his "big hands."

Noticing Luke's attempts to aid Mario, Dennis said: "Look at Luke's face, it's all tensed up!"

All three members of the group managed to fill their bowls, and were rapturously applauded by the other housemates.

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