Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood take a break

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  • 10 July 2017
Chris Hughes

Chris Hughes

Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood have decided to call time on their relationship

Love Island's Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood have decided to go on a "break."

The couple - who struck up a relationship inside the villa - have agreed to go their separate ways for the time being after the blonde beauty told the hunk that she felt that he was unimpressed with the way she spoke, dressed and behaved on screen.

Speaking over a brunch date in Sunday (09.07.17) night's show, Olivia said: "I feel in general that you don't like that I'm loud, the way that I speak, the way that I dress."

Chris was taken back by the comment and was trying desperately to hold back the tears as he told his now-former fame that he didn't want to be the reason she couldn't be herself and told her that the best thing for them is to split up so she can be happy.

He explained: "I'm telling you, if that is the way I make you feel, if you feel like it's me who is dragging you back or holding you back, or if you feel like you're acting differently around me then you can't be with me.

"As much as that hurts, I want you to be happy and if you're telling me that when you're around me, you can't be you then that is rubbish."

Olivia added: "It's really difficult because I like you and I don't want to couple up with anyone else and I know no-one else is going to come in and hold a candle to what we've had and everything we've been through to get here."

Chris said: "I'm waiting for you to say what you want and if you don't feel you can we've got to knock it on the f**king head or we try and that's the simple scenario of it."

To which Olivia replied: "I just - I don't know. Take a break."

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