Tricky chopsticks

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  • 18 June 2008

Rachel in her Japanese costume

Big Brother has given Mario, Luke and Rachel two hours to practice using chopsticks for their task.

The three housemates were called to the Diary Room this morning (18.06.08, 11.38am) where they were presented with the chopsticks and told they could use them in any way they wanted.

Luke and Mario immediately started trying to pick up chickpeas with the implements, with Luke soon worrying they would get splinters.

Accident-conscious Mario replied: "Health and safety."

The pair then decided to immerse the chickpeas in water in case they have to fish items out of liquid for their task.

Luke said: "That's going to make it extremely difficult."

To which Mario replied: "Oh, diffraction is kicking in."

After Rachel suggested putting rice in the bowl too, the team also added potatoes to ensure they can pick up objects of all sizes.

After several minutes' hard practice the group think they have their technique down, but Luke admits he is thoroughly bored of the task.

He said: "I never want to go to Japan after this. It's put me off Japan and Japanese culture! Why couldn't it have been America. We'd just have to sit on our backsides all day and chomp."

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