Japanese tongue twister

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  • 18 June 2008

Kat in the living room

Kathreya, Michael and Mohamed are panicking about their Japanese-language task.

The three housemates have to learn 26 Japanese phrases for their part in this week's 'Big Brother' shopping task, and have been given a special phrase book to help them.

The hopefuls are learning sayings including: "I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts", "I love Cliff Richard", "I will crush you in one blow", "It's like trying to catch flies with your chopsticks", and "Even the monkeys fall from the tress."

They stayed up most of last night (17.08.08) determined to learn the phrases, but by this morning (18.06.08, 10.00am) Kat started to show signs of strain, saying she was "not happy at all" with her Japanese ability.

Although Mikey tried to bolster his team's spirits by saying they were doing well, Mario is less optimistic about their chances.

Chatting to Luke and Lisa this morning (11.06am) he said he thought the task would go badly, and the housemates would have to survive on basic rations next week.

Lisa suggested Big Brother might give the group a luxury budget for "effort", but the boys were not convinced.

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