Bex's Big mistake

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  • 18 June 2008

Bex in her Japanese costume

The 'Big Brother' housemates are adamant they have failed this week's shopping task.

Rex is sure his group have been unsuccessful in the 'Endurance Karaoke' challenge after Rebecca started her singing stint holding rather than wearing her kimono this morning (18.06.08, 9.59am) which is against the rules.

Bex was asleep in the bedroom in her pyjamas when her turn to sing came and did not have time to change into her Geisha outfit.

After much discussion about Bex's costume, Rex said: "We've failed the task then."

Rachel sympathised with Bex, saying: "It's alright, just keep going babe."

However, not all the housemates were so understanding with Mario quick to declare if he had been in the karaoke team he would not have got changed and would have stayed in the living room.

The beefy colossus queried: "Wasn't there a system in place?"

Alexandra is also pessimistic about the task's outcome, saying: "I'm not being funny but I can't see the point in carrying on with this endurance task, we've failed it."

The contestants have been split five groups and each is allowed to incur one fail.

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