Adam Rickitt praises 'good kisser' Duncan James

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  • 5 July 2017
Duncan James

Duncan James

Adam Rickitt enjoyed kissing Duncan James because he's very "good" with his lips

Adam Rickitt thinks Duncan James is a "very good kisser".

The 39-year-old singer was forced to lock lips with the Blue hunk on screen after his 'Hollyoaks' alter-ego Kyle Kelly struck up an affair with the heartthrob's Ryan Knight and, although he's happily married Katy Fawcett, he thoroughly enjoyed the smooch.

Speaking on 'Loose Women' on Wednesday (05.07.17) via video link, Adam told Duncan, who was a guest on the show: "You're the first boy I've ever kissed in my life. You were very good, it was a pleasant experience."

And it seems the feeling was mutual for Duncan - who came out as gay in 2012 - but he was slightly nervous beforehand because he's known Adam for "a very long time."

He said: "Basically you get your scripts and everyone gets their scripts on the same day. I was a bit shocked because I didn't know they were going to turn my character gay and I didn't know it was going to be Adam Rickett who was playing that part."

And, although Adam was confident about the lip-locking session, he warned the 39-year-old star not to ram his tongue in his mouth because that would've been too much.

Duncan explained: "We did the 'Big Reunion' together and I've known him for years and year so when he started he said to me: 'Oh I've seen the script.' And I said: 'Yeah, yeah.' And he said: 'It's fine, just go for it but just don't stick your tongue in.' But I was more nervous about kissing him than he was about kissing me."

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