Lauren Pope has breast implants removed

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  • 5 July 2017
Lauren Pope

Lauren Pope

'The Only Way is Essex' star Lauren Pope has had her E Cup breast implants removed to stay away from "trashy" looks

Lauren Pope has had her breast implants removed.

The 'The Only Way is Essex' star first went under the knife when she was 23 because she wanted to give her natural A Cup a boost to an E cup, but now the businesswoman has gone back to a smaller size as she believes a bigger bust makes her look "trashy."

Speaking to MailOnline, the 34-year-old star said: "I'm back to small boobies. I've thought about it for a long time. It's really hard to explain but it's not a big dramatic decision. It's just I feel like I am taken seriously now in the world of business.

"It's taken a long time but I feel like my old big boobs are my old life. It's time to grow up. This is like a new realm and it's a nod to that.

"It's not like I'm anti-surgery at all, I was quite happy with them but I just decided to do it. The clothes I like will look chicer with smaller boobs.

"The past few years I'd go for outfits that made them look smaller and there were certain clothes I couldn't wear because it would look trashy."

Lauren, who founded the hair extension company Hair Rehab London, first shot into the limelight as a glamour model before starring in 'TOWIE' but then left in 2015.

Since building up a fan base, Lauren has suffered from body shaming online and has urged girls not to be so hard on themselves because Instagram isn't real.

She said: "Instagram is a bit like your creative space - just know your angles.

"To get one decent selfie I've probably take about 50 - I know I need to pop one hip out, pull my belly in. And I spend about 10 minutes putting filters on myself - I enjoy doing it.

"It's just a bit of fun. If I do bikini stuff I'll do videos as well just to shut people up as you can't edit a video - it's just angles."

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