Amy Winehouse's drug death warning

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  • 18 June 2008
Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse's drug death warning

Amy Winehouse has been warned she must quit drugs or risk death.

The troubled singer was hospitalised on Monday (16.06.08) after fainting and was kept in last night (17.06.08) for further tests to establish why she collapsed.

A source revealed to Britain's The Sun newspaper: "Eventually she won't get up again.

"The only thing to stop that happening is if she quits drugs."

Doctors believe Amy's blackout could be linked to her drugs overdose last summer.

The 24-year-old star had several seizures last year and tests allegedly revealed her condition was linked to drugs. She was told at the time to get clean or run the risk of continuing medical problems.

The source added: "After this, it looks like they were right."

Worried friends believe the singer - who is due to perform at the Glastonbury music festival and Nelson Mandela's birthday celebrations later this month - needs to take a break from music in order to recover.

A friend said: "She should not work for at least six months. It is irresponsible of her team to keep putting her on stage.

"She needs to get away from temptations."

Amy's dad Mitch - who is keeping a vigil by her bedside at The London Clinic - said yesterday: "She's doing fine."

Her spokesperson said: "Amy is still having tests done. They want to keep her in for observation. Her father is still by her side."

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