Unique Duffy

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  • 18 June 2008

Unique Duffy

Duffy is tired of being compared with other female singers.

The 23-year-old Welsh singer - real name Aimee Anne Duffy - has been compared with Dusty Springfield and hailed as the 'new Amy Winehouse' since releasing her breakthrough single 'Mercy' earlier this year, but wants to be recognised in her own right.

She said: "To be honest, if it's not Leona Lewis, it's Amy Winehouse. I'm being compared with Lily Allen or Dusty Springfield, bless her soul, she was an amazing woman.

"I just feel like one day I'll be known as myself, but time will tell."

The singer - who won Single of the Year for 'Mercy' at MOJO Honours List 2008 on Monday (16.06.08) - also spoke about how far she had come.

She added to BANG Showbiz: "This time last year I was eating fish and chips on a North Wales beach! This is my first big awards ceremony. No one cared about me then so I don't know why they do now."

Duffy remained tight-lipped over rumours she is set to record the theme song for the new James Bond movie, 'Quantum of Solace', teasingly saying: "A lady never exposes her secrets. You've got to leave this Welsh girl alone."

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