Charlotte Crosby' stalks Vicky Pattison online

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  • 1 July 2017
Charlotte Crosby

Charlotte Crosby

Charlotte Crosby has confessed she is constantly checking up on Vicky Pattison on social media

Charlotte Crosby "stalks" Vicky Pattison online.

The 'Just the Tattoo Of Us' star admitted she can't help but make regular checks on her former 'Geordie Shore' co-star - who she reportedly fell out with in 2013 - but is usually relieved to see her rival is pretty "boring" on social media.

She said: "I want to see what she's up to and what she's been doing. Her Instagram can get a bit boring though."

Charlotte, 27, is smitten with her 'Just the Tattoo Of Us' co-host Stephen Bear - who previously dated Vicky - but admitted she is constantly terrified he'll do something to hurt her.

In an extract of her book 'Brand New Me' published in Closer magazine, she writes: "He scares me because I know he has another side to him.

"I've never been scared by a boy like I am with him, but he keeps saying he would never hurt me."

The reality TV star also admitted she had counselling after suffering from body dysmorphia and constantly feeling "fat and s**t" about her appearance.

Charlotte - who has had Botox and lip fillers, as well as a nose job - said: "I keep breaking down. I just feel like I'm not good enough. I'm getting anxiety. I feel so down and awful in myself.

"I have got to the point where I hate looking at myself and think I'm fat...

"When I look at old pictures of myself now, I can't stand it. I think I look so ugly. My old face was so fat it looked like I was swallowing my facial features."

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