Costume moans

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  • 17 June 2008

Slyvia and Alex in costume

The housemates are unhappy with their Japanese-themed costumes.

Jennifer - who is attending 'Karate School' for the 'Big Brother' challenge - is annoyed she is not allowed to dress as a Geisha girl like some of the other women, while Luke thinks his "flowery dress" is too feminine.

He said this afternoon (17.06.08, 3.25pm): "Mario looks respectable in his costume. I've got all leaves and dandelions on me."

Luke's plain speaking is not just reserved for himself, he also comments: "Sylvia looks ill. She looks like somebody's covered her in dust."

Later, the student says Jennifer does not look intimidating "in any way."

Alexandra is also unhappy, and is worried the thick make-up will give her bad skin.

As she checked out her reflection in a mirror she said she looks "pathetic."

An annoyed Jennifer sniped she would rather be dressed like Alex than having to wear her karate uniform.

Despite originally being excited at the prospect of dressing as a Geisha, Sylvia is also unhappy - she wants to use her own lipstick because the one Big Brother provided her with is "minging."

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