Phenomenal women at Edinburgh International Book Festival

Phenomenal women at Edinburgh International Book Festival

Reni Eddo-Lodge

This Woman Can strand celebrates women across sport, politics and entertainment

One of the themes at this year's Edinburgh International Book Festival is This Woman Can, a playful riff on the incredibly popular Sport England campaign, This Girl Can. The strand features several endurance cyclists, in partnership with Women's Cycling Forum Scotland as well as courageous stories of survival, celebrations of female role models and feminist thinkers leading the discussions on race, equality and gender. Already sold out are events with Judy Murray, Jenni Murray, and Dervla Murphy & Jennifer Tough, so if you want to see any of the following highlights, book tickets quick.

Sara Pascoe
If you haven't read Sara Pascoe's Animal: The Autobiography of a Female Body, get a copy immediately. Buy a copy for a friend too as this is a book to be shared and discussed. Expanding on the themes of sexuality and body confidence from her stand-up, Animal is a thought-provoking feminist read that tackles complex issues head on, interspersed with frank and hilarious incidents from Pascoe's own life.
Sara Pascoe, Charlotte Square Gardens, Wed 23 Aug, 3.45pm, £12 (£10)

Juliana Buhring
Buhring is an ultra-endurance cyclist and in 2012 she became the first woman to circumnavigate the world on a bike, a challenge that took her 152 days and gained her a Guinness World Record. A feat made all the more impressive by the fact that she didn't learn to ride a bike until she was 30. The female athlete discusses growing up in a cult and competing in some of the world's most challenging long distance cycling events.
Juliana Buhring, Charlotte Square Gardens, Sat 26 Aug, 2.30pm, £12 (£10)

Farida Khalaf & Andrea C Hoffman
In 2014 Farida Khalaf, a Yazidi teenager, was kidnapped from her northern Iraqi village and sold into slavery by ISIS. Khalaf took on her captors and escaped. She has since written The Girl Who Escaped ISIS with German political journalist Andrea C Hoffman, and promised to testify against ISIS at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. Both authors are present in this event chaired by Rosemary Burnett.
Farida Khalaf & Andrea C Hoffman, Charlotte Square Gardens, Sat 12 Aug, 4pm, £12 (£10)

Harriet Walter
A renowned Shakespearean actor, Harriet Walter took on lead roles in all three of the Donmar Warehouse's all-female Shakespeare trilogy. She played Brutus in 2012's Julius Caesar, Henry IV in 2014's Henry IV and Prospero in 2016's The Tempest. Filmed versions of the plays are to be released throughout the year, with Julius Caesar released nationwide on Jul 12. Walter had already played most of the Bard's heroines and here discusses the particular choices she made in preparing and performing each character. Chaired by Jackie McGlone.
Harriet Walter, Charlotte Square Gardens, Sun 27 Aug, 3.15pm, £12 (£10)

Reni Eddo-Lodge
Freelance journalist and blogger Eddo-Lodge is author of 2016's Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race, a seething take-down of commonly held attitudes towards race and racism in the UK and beyond. The book sparked fierce discussion and continues to inform debates about race and its relationship to privilege, class and gender. Chaired by Claire Armitstead. This event has BSL interpretation.
Reni Eddo-Lodge, Charlotte Square Gardens, Fri 18 Aug, 4pm, £12 (£10)

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