Three Inch Fools bring a new colour to Shakespeare's plays

Three Inch Fools bring a new colour to Shakespeare's plays

Renditions of Romeo & Juliet and Twelfth Night bring the Bard to a new generation

Formed in 2015 by brothers James and Stephen Hyde, Three Inch Fools have been garnering a reputation for bringing an ebullient and musical sensibility, evocative of traveling minstrels, to the staging of Shakespeare plays

Previous work including As You Like It and The Tempest aimed to bring the Bard to a whole new generation. They have performed in such unlikely places as pubs, market places, a fire station and even a garlic farm, with a dash of humour alongside the poetry.

This love of reaching new audiences looks set to continue with this summer's tour across Britain, which sees them staging Romeo and Juliet and Twelfth Night, including dates at the picturesque Lauriston Castle. Their playful ethos strips away the preciousness that suffocates much Shakespeare, returning it to its roots as a populist theatre aimed as much at the groundlings as the sophisticated.

With a vibrant young cast of five who are the epitome of versatility, these two spins on the classic plays of the canon will eschew the rigidity of the form, playing fast and loose with text and characterisation. There will most likely be guitars, bawdy humour, and even accordions thrown in.

Three Inch Fool tour Twelfth Night and Romeo and Juliet across the UK throughout Jun, Jul & Aug.

Romeo and Juliet

Five actors known as The Three Inch Fools use different instruments to perform their take on Shakespeare's classic romantic tragedy. The group perform Shakespeare in a variety of settings including castles, stately homes, gardens, churches and village greens.

Twelfth Night

Three Inch Fools present Shakespeare's comedy.