Jonny Mitchell and Camilla Thurlow get closer

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  • 28 June 2017
Camilla Thurlow

Camilla Thurlow

Prince Harry's ex Camilla Thurlow was groped by Jonny Mitchell in a passionate snog on 'Love Island'

Jonny Mitchell was thrilled to go to "boob town" with Camilla Thurlow on 'Love Island'.

The couple's relationship moved up another level as things got steamy in the bedroom, and the 26-year-old hunk acted on advice he'd been given by Montana Brown earlier in the day and let his hands travel to his shy lover's chest.

And the following morning, he told Marcel Somerville: "I went to boob town last night."

Gabby Allen encouraged Camilla to let down her guard with Johnny and, in a bid to loosen up her pal, suggested she kiss her partner every time she locked lips with Marcel.

She said: "I'll make you a pact to get you into it. Every time I kiss Marcel, you go and kiss Jonny."

Camilla agreed, and later said in the Beach Hut: "I'm going to try and do Gabby's challenge. I will give it a go. I'm not a big person for PDAs anyway.

"What I have to learn to appreciate a little bit is privacy is quite rare and I do think I now need to make sure that I'm showing that the barriers are coming down a little bit, slowly but steadily they are coming down."

And Camilla and Jonny weren't the only couple who saw things heat up on the show, as Olivia Attwood and Chris Hughes got passionate in the same room alongside Gabby and Marcel .

Montana Brown and Simon Searles were also seen getting frisky with each other.

However, producers of show then staged a surprise twist which saw two of the boys swap their girls.

Simon picked Tyla Carr instead of Montana, who was left with Dom Lever - who was recently left heartbroken after his partner Jessica Shears was rumoured to have slept with fellow contestant Mike Thalassitis hours after being booted from the show.

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