Jessica Shears denies romp with Mike Thalassitis

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  • 28 June 2017
Jessica Shears

Jessica Shears

Jessica Shears has denied sleeping with fellow 'Love Island' contestant Mike Thalassitis as she'd "never cheat" on Island beau Dom Lever

Jessica Shears has denied sleeping with fellow 'Love Island' contestant Mike Thalassitis.

The 24-year-old beauty was booted from the ITV2 reality show alongside Mike last week, and speculation has since been circulating that the pair had a two-day romp in their hotel after leaving the infamous villa.

However, Jessica - who had struck up a relationship with Dom Lever whilst on the show - has insisted she would "never cheat" on Dom because the sex they had whilst in the villa was "mind-blowing".

She said: "Sex with Dom was mind-blowing, I would never cheat on him."

Jessica explained that she did spend a night with Mike and his friends, but insisted that the pair were "never alone".

She added: "After leaving the show we were in separate rooms in a villa with our chaperones before being fl own back to the UK. Nothing happened then.

"Then at Aftersun I did stupidly put my hand on his knee which I regret, but I am a tactile person, I would have done that to anyone, it's who I am.

"That evening I was actually trying to set him up with my best friend, Joanna. Mike had three of his mates there and the five of us went out to a club to let off some steam. We had an amazing fun night in a club and only left when the lights came up and it was time to leave.

"By that point we were starving because we'd done Aftersun and not eaten. The five of us got in a cab but nowhere decent was open so we went back to the hotel I was sharing with Joanna to order room service.

"We ordered a ridiculous amount of food and drinks and just stayed up chatting and laughing about our time on the show. Nothing more. I was eating nachos and dipping them in my lasagne - it wasn't pretty.

"When Mike left, he left with all his mates, we were never alone in the hotel room together."

And Jessica slammed the "disgusting" abuse she's received over the claims.

She said: "I've been so upset and cried so many tears, the abuse I've got over this has been disgusting. I would never do that to Dom. I've been called a w***e and worse. Even my little sister is being bullied and it's not true."

Jessica also gushed about her televised romps with Dom, as she says she "couldn't resist" his charm despite previously vowing never to have sex on TV.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, she said: "I vowed never to have sex on TV but within minutes of being in the private Hideaway room together we were naked. I was worried it would be quite short and sweet, but it was long and really good.

"We couldn't resist each other, everything he does is a total turn on. I thought we wouldn't be able to relax and enjoy it but honestly as soon as we got into the Hideaway we forgot the cameras were there and only had eyes for each other.

"He was very sweet in bed, I've not felt passion like that before. He's obsessed with my boobs and bum. Everyone says Chris is the most well endowed in the house but Dom has got plenty and is more than enough man for me."

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