Housemates pick tasks

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  • 17 June 2008

Mohamed and Rex chatting

Big Brother gave the contestants 15minutes to split into five groups, with three people undertaking the 'Chopstick Challenge', three venturing to karate school, three learning Japanese, one mastering the 'Karate Chop' and five attempting 'Endurance Karaoke'.

Despite the hopefuls' attempt to allocate the tasks according to people's strengths, not all the contestants are happy with their roles.

Michael, Mohamed and Kathreya are set to learn Japanese, but Rex is unhappy with the choice as he is unsure Mikey will be able to learn a new language fast enough because he is blind.

Lisa, Rex and Jennifer will be attending karate school, while Luke, Rachel and Mario are taking up the chopstick challenge.

Rebecca, Sylvia, Darnell, Rex and Alexandra will tackle the karaoke and Dale has to master the karate chop on his own.

The female housemates were excited to learn the two-day task will include costumes, wigs and make-up which they must wear at all times.

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