Stacey Solomon's connection with Joe Swash

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  • 23 June 2017
Joe Swash and Stacey Solomon

Joe Swash and Stacey Solomon

Stacey Solomon has admitted she feels "more of a connection" with Joe Swash when he does something romantic rather than when they get intimate

Stacey Solomon feels "more of a connection" with Joe Swash when he does something romantic.

The 27-year-old singer and television personality loves being intimate with her boyfriend but says it is when he does "chivalrous" things that really sets her heart fluttering.

Speaking on ITV's Loose Women, she said: "I love kissing him and love, you know [sex], but I also get a lot more emotion and a lot more connection from when we talk about certain things or when he does something chivalrous or kind."

Meanwhile, Stacey recently admitted she would love to tie the knot with Joe.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, she shared: "We definitely would love to get married, we're together because we do really genuinely care for each other.

"We've not even been going two years and we've both got children, so we're just being really sensible and boring and we just want to take it slowly."

However, she is in no rush to walk down the aisle.

She added: "Usually, I am a hopeless romantic and I'm like, 'Let's get married, let's have kids.' But because me and Joe do value each other and want to make this forever, I think sometimes if you want it to be forever then you have to take it at a certain pace. The main thing is that we're happy, we just really want it to work and we want to take our time with it and put everything into it."

Stacey is also very focused on her children, too.

She shared: "For both of us, our children are our main priority and if they're getting on and they're coping with it and we're going at the right pace for them, then there's less pressure on our relationship.

"We're just being grown-up and sensible. We're blending the families. Joe's little boy is the same age as my eldest so it's a lovely dynamic, they're all really good kids.

"He's got an ex-partner, I've got an ex-partner so it does get very complicated, there's a lot in the middle of it all. We're just trying to get around that."

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