Graham Norton reveals his most awkward moment

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  • 22 June 2017
Graham Norton

Graham Norton

TV star Graham Norton has revealed that his most awkward moment led him to denying having sex with a dog

Graham Norton's most awkward moment led to him denying having sex with a dog.

The 54-year-old TV host has recalled his own Big Red Chair experience - which is the segment on his chat show when members of the public recall their most awkward moment - and Graham has revealed it involved his pet dog Bailey.

Graham explained: "I do have an answer to this, but it's a really rude story! So, what happened was this... I can't believe I'm going to tell this.

"I had a gentleman caller and he was fine. The next morning I waved goodbye to him and slammed the door bye, bye, and that was that. I went upstairs to clean up some of the debris ... things you don't want the cleaner to find. I was putting everything away, but there was one bit of debris I could not find.

"I looked in the bin; it wasn't there. I thought, 'Well, I couldn't have tried to flush that down the toilet, it must have gone. Where on earth is it?'"

Graham tried to solve the mystery by speaking to his "gentleman caller" - but the situation just became more and more bizarre.

He told "It actually got to the point where I phoned the gentleman caller and said, 'Do you know what happened to the thing?' and he said, 'No, I don't know what happened to it'. So I thought that must just be a mystery. That is a mystery!

"So that was the Monday night, Tuesday morning. Wednesday morning I was out and about in the park as usual with my dog, Bailey - quite a big Labradoodle - he did his business and I picked that up.

"I walked over and I put that in the bin and then I looked back and Bailey is lying on the ground clawing at his backside. There it was, like a great big ghostly finger hanging out of him."

And unfortunately for Graham, the incident played out in full view of the parents in the local area.

He said: "I had to get it out. Now, all I'll say is no matter how stretchy you think they are, you've no idea! Honestly, I was half way across the park with this thing!

"I mean, it's morning time, mothers with their children were going to school. I went, 'No I did not have sex with my dog!' Anyway, that would be my red chair story."

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