Anne-Marie wants champagne from Katy Perry for song similarities

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 21 June 2017


Anne-Marie won't be filing a lawsuit against Katy Perry for the similarities between her song 'Ciao Adios' and 'Bon Appetite' and just wants Katy to send booze

Anne-Marie wants Katy Perry to send her champagne after similarities were made between the pair's songs.

The pop superstar's hit single 'Bon Appetite' bares a resemblance to 'Ciao Adios' by the 26-year-old British singer and while she doesn't want Katy, 32, to pay up in royalties, the blonde beauty wouldn't mind her gifting her some bubbles.

She laughed: "I didn't hear the similarity at first, but I'm not going to lie, a few people have emailed me and been like, 'Um, have you heard this?'

"It could be a coincidence as it happens a lot in the music industry.

"I don't want any money from her but she could send me some champagne!"

The 'Alarm' hitmaker joked that she is only allowed alcopops like WKD on tour because she's "cheap".

She quipped to the Daily Star newspaper:

"That would be nice, my manager will only let me have WKD on my rider, he knows i'm cheap."

However, despite demanding fizz from the 'Chained to the Rhythm' singer and previously almost getting kicked off a flight after she was plied with booze to celebrate her single Rockabye topping the charts, Anne-Marie has had to cut back the partying because of the strain of being on the road.

She said: "I'm drinking a lot of water right now, going to the gym and taking a lot of vitamins. I went straight from the tour with Ed Sheeran to Australia, New Zealand and Belgium so I'm looking after my body, finally!"

Meanwhile, Anne-Marie has teased that her collaboration with 'Shape of You' hitmaker Ed, 26, will be amazing.

She said: "We have definitely got a song together, it's a really good song.

"Honestly, Ed is a very talented songwriter and I'm excited."

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