Tron artistic director Andy Arnold on The Lying Kind

The Lying Kind

Tron presents Anthony Neilson's black comedy about two coppers who lose control of the situation

'Great joy, laughter, surprise, and shock', are just some of the emotions Tron artistic director Andy Arnold is promising audiences with his staging of Anthony Neilson's black comedy The Lying Kind. 'This piece is in the realm of entertainment and a good night out, albeit in an irreverent and hopefully inventive format.'

Focusing on the adventures of two policemen, the wonderfully monikered Constables Blunt and Gobbel, who have the unfortunate task of relaying bad news to two elderly people. It sets off a chain of unlikely events, and the story should resonate with anyone who likes big belly laughs followed by a sharp intake of breath.

'This show will involve very tight staging and stagecraft, with seven actors in a tight space and a number of set pieces,' says Arnold who admits he is very excited to bring this production to the Tron. 'Much of the work has been done by having a script that works and a cast who can deliver the lines to great effect.' Possibly not recommended for the faint of heart, but for those who like a drop of dark humour with a satirical edge, riffing on modern day issues, this should hit the spot.

Tron Theatre, Glasgow, Thu 6–Sat 22 Jul

The Lying Kind

Anthony Neilson's farce about two policemen with a painful duty to perform.