Corrie's Eva Price will stop at 'nothing' to get revenge on Aidan Connor

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  • 20 June 2017
Catherine Tyldesley as Eva Price

Catherine Tyldesley as Eva Price

Eva Price is determined to do everything she can to hurt her cheating boyfriend Aidan Connor

Coronation Street's Eva Price will "stop at nothing" to get revenge on her cheating boyfriend Aidan Connor.

Catherine Tyldesley - who portrays the busty blonde factory worker - can't wait for the drama to unfold over the next few weeks as she thinks the way her alter ego handles the revelation that her partner (Shayne Ward) has been sleeping with her best friend Maria Connor (Samia Longchambon) is brilliant and sneaky.

Speaking to the, she said: "I won't tell you how the affair is exposed, but I think it's the best discovery ever! ... Eva could've had it out with them there and then, but what she actually does is way better. It's a revenge plot - she wants to hurt Aidan as much as he's hurt her. What she's about to do is the best way of achieving that. She wants to see him suffer and take him for everything he's got.

"Eva thought Aidan was her Prince Charming, and now he's done this. She will stop at nothing to make sure he is deeply hurt."

And the 33-year-old actress has teased that fans will get to see feisty Eva again.

She explained: "Her immediate reaction is extreme, and very much reverts to her being Eva the diva which is great as when I first came into the show she was very feisty. It's nice to come back to that. I don't think I would've reacted that way personally, but as an actress it's juicy stuff and brilliant to play.

"Eva's on the verge of a panic attack in most scenes as she's trying to keep her cool and hold it together. Aidan is completely unaware and every time he goes in for a kiss or wants to be intimate, it just makes her feel sick. I couldn't be as steely as Eva, but she gets quite good at the poker face."

However, things are set to get hard for the barmaid as she will find out she's pregnant with Aidan's baby and feels like her world is "crumbling" before her eyes.

Catherine said: "This makes things ten times worse. A week before it would've been all she's ever wanted, but coming at the same time she discovers the affair is heartbreaking. Eva basically feels like her world is crumbling. She sits Aidan down to tell him, and can see the fear in his eyes..."

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