Cara De La Hoyde has 'a lot of love' for ex Nathan Massey

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  • 20 June 2017
Cara De La Hoyde

Cara De La Hoyde

Cara De La Hoyde has admitted she still has strong feelings for her ex-boyfriend Nathan Massey and hopes they can rekindle

Cara De La Hoyde still has "a lot of love" for her ex-boyfriend Nathan Massey.

The 25-year-old beauty met the hunk, 24, while they were competing on 'Love Island', which they won, last year and, although things seem to be going in the right direction for them once they left the villa, things came crashing down earlier this year when they got into a series of blazing rows but she has admitted she still cares for her former flame and wants him to be involved in their unborn child's upbringing.

Speaking on 'This Morning' on Tuesday (20.06.17), she said: "Looking back on it now, my main bit of advice for everyone is when you come out of there, don't rush things because you think you know each other so well.

"And we jumped in head first and lived together, we've still got a lot of love for each other but everything happened so quickly and I think it ruined it."

Cara found out she pregnant with her first child while she was going for a routine smear test and, although she and Nathan are no longer together, she keeps him updated on anything he needs to know regarding the pregnancy and birth.

She explained: "I was actually in hospital for a cervical examination and then found out I was pregnant. So I didn't go in to find that was a bit of a shock. We are really good. We're constantly in contact, he knows everything that he needs to know... he was very shocked, just the same as I was. And we tried to make it work, but sometimes it's better for the baby not to be in that volatile relationship."

And the brunette beauty hopes there may be a chance of a reunion in the future.

She added: "Of course it would be lovely to have a little family and look back and show our kid how we met."

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