Lorde reveals her love of challenges

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 20 June 2017


'Green Light' hitmaker Lorde has revealed she feels a need to "run toward the thing that feels challenging and scary"

Lorde feels a need to "run toward the thing that feels challenging and scary".

The 20-year-old singer-songwriter released her second studio album, 'Melodrama', earlier this month and has revealed that the single 'Green Light' was inspired by her determination to push her artistic boundaries.

She shared: "I always want to run toward the thing that feels challenging and scary and exciting, and that didn't feel like a drum beat and a vocal anymore. Because those types of songs had been number one on the charts for two years.

"It really felt like there'd been an excess of that type of music, which I am happy for as someone who's in the camp of minimalism, but also I was like - there has to be a different way to express how I'm feeling."

The chart-topping star also explained her thinking behind the track 'Perfect Places', admitting it represents a temporary form of escapism for her.

The singer revealed she felt deflated after the deaths of music icons like David Bowie and Prince, and said she's scared of just being "alone in my house with Twitter".

Speaking to The Spinoff about the record, Lorde said: "Hating the headlines and the weather and feeling like ... Bowie's gone, and Prince is gone, and George Michael's gone, and what's left? I don't want to be alone in my house with Twitter and it's all so f**ked.

"Let's just try and convince ourselves there's a perfect place we can go to, even just for an evening."

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