Breakfast Muff's Eurgh is punk reborn (4 stars)


Amour Foo

DIY music with a sharp lyrical edge

Breakfast Muff comprises a membership roster which has served time in local squads: Joanna Gruesome, Rapid Tan, Spinning Coin and Hairband. Glasgow's lo-fi power-punk trio is a band which combines ferociously functional DIY music with the sharpest, most up-yours lyrical edge we've heard in some time. The key track here, simply because the title grabs the attention and demands you skip to it, is 'R U A Feminist'. It's a fierce band manifesto and a stamp on the balls for any right-on bro who dares lather themselves in the language of feminism as a cheap chat-up line while using women as an avatar for their own emotional aggression.

Their lyrics are slogans dripping with righteous anger ('You're a feminist until I won't fuck you / you're a feminist until I talk to other guys … no, I don't owe you anything … you're not a fucking feminist!') and if the music is fairly by-the-numbers power-pop, it's at least played with determination as they spit out their glorious, serrated lyrics. 'I want to wear your skin / to my birthday party,' harmonise Eilidh McMillan and Simone Wilson on 'Birthday Party', slipping in a weird key-change mid-lyric over Cal Donnelly's desperate lead vocal.

'Sorry we're fucked up / you made us this way / we are better than you!' holler McMillan and Wilson on 'Babyboomers', channelling Jack Palance and Bill Hicks in their merciless urging for a pan-generational shoot-out; 'I Like To' is a hypnotic, X-rated Everly Brothers-style ballad singing the (very graphic) praises of sexual liberation; 'Duvet' rides on an invigorating, breakneck riff worthy of Blur at their least reserved and most Graham Coxon-led. If the sound of punk is now a heritage concern, its youth, anger and desire to pound the listener awake with the ferocity of imagery and language is reborn in Breakfast Muff.

Out Fri 7 Jul on Amour Foo.