Amy Childs felt like Bradley Wright's mum

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  • 19 June 2017
Amy Childs

Amy Childs

Amy Childs felt like former boyfriend Bradley Wright's mum and claims he did nothing to help with their newborn daughter Polly

Amy Childs felt more like Bradley Wright's "mum" than his girlfriend.

The 27-year-old reality star ended her relationship with the tree surgeon on June 11, less than six weeks after the birth of their daughter Polly, and she admitted he wasn't a very hands-on father or supportive partner after they welcomed their little girl into the world.

She said: "When I found out I was pregnant, I said, 'I want to work so hard to give her the best in life' but it felt like Brad wasn't thinking about that...

"After Polly arrived, he was sleeping in a different room. Towards the end I became more like a friend and his mum...

Even when he came home from work he'd have a cuddle with her and he did that a little bit but then he'd go upstairs. I think he was just so over it. When she was crying in the night, he wouldn't come in and say, 'Can I help?' It was always me.

"I understand he had to go to work but I needed more support for me and the baby. I never got that...

"I was doing the bottles, cleaning and doing his dinner. I wish he'd helped me."

Amy had been having doubts about their relationship but thought things had changed after Polly was born - but after less than a week, she began to realise the situation wasn't what she wanted.

She told OK! magazine: "When the baby came, we were both crying and it was amazing. Then after two weeks, I just thought, I can't do this any more.

"He was good for five days and I thought, maybe things will be different. But then it felt like the novelty had worn off for him.

"He was coming back from work later. With a newborn, dads get two weeks off but Brad was back to work after five days. It was brilliant he was working, but then when he would come home, he didn't really help. It was really sad."

Though the former 'Only Way is Essex' star is keen for Bradley to still take an active role in Polly's life, she's barely heard from him since they split.

She said: "The news about us splitting came out so we spoke about it, and then he said, 'How's Polly?' and that was about it.

"He's just texted once. Of course she's fine, she's with me! She's my life."

Asked if he's seen Polly since, she added: "No. [Are there plans for him to?] Not right now, but for Polly's sake, I really hope he puts the effort in. Polly is so beautiful and I would hate for him to miss out on that."

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