Michael Bay's hair 'vaporised' during filming

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  • 18 June 2017
Michael Bay

Michael Bay

Michael Bay zoned out while shooting '13 Hours' and his hair vaporised

Michael Bay's hair was "vaporised" in a fire while shooting '13 Hours'.

The 52-year-old filmmaker admitted he and his crew on the set of the Benghazi drama "zoned out" for too long during a fire sequence, and despite making preparations for an escape from the set, things didn't quite go according to plan when the flames got out of control.

He recalled: "It was scary. We'd practiced out escape plan three times. Firemen with hoses either side.

"What happened was - this always happens on set when you're not looking - behind-the-scenes video guys start sneaking in. And it makes the exit more dangerous for everybody.

"I'm in a full-ass fire-suit, with gold face-shield, gloves, whatever. And I have a grip behind me, English guy.

"It gets very hot. And when you shoot fire, there's a weird thing in the human psyche where it just becomes so beautiful - you zone out for a split second.

"And we all zone out two seconds longer than we should have. Then all of a sudden, the heat gets so intense, so fast, and our safety guy yells, 'Out!'.

"I'm the second to last out and the fire starts going up, searching for air over us, like 'Backdraft'.

"My poor grip, he had longish hair and it got singed. My fire-suit protected a lot of people, but he got the worst of it. His hair melted off and I lost all my hair back there. It just vaporised. Vaporised! And everyone was shaken up."

Meanwhile, the director had a tough time shooting a huge battle scene for his latest movie, 'Transformers: The Last Night', because he was shaken from the death of his beloved dog.

He told Empire magazine "Bonecrusher. He was a mastiff... I had 400 extras. 90 stuntmen, 65 horses. And you gotta pull it together. 'How are you?' 'Don't talk about it.' "

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