Edinburgh College of Art Degree Show (4 stars)

Edinburgh College of Art Degree Show

Edinburgh College of Art, until Tue 24 Jun


Information overload, autonomy, inquiry, provocation and dissent. Not themes as such, but rather loose strands in the willfully disparate expanse that makes up this class of 2008 show-and-tell.

Information overload How many umpteen million seconds make up a lifetime? Brian Hewitt projects every single one, his intimations of mortality flashing onto two walls, getting bigger by the minute. Elsewhere, virtual worlds collide.

Autonomy There are alliances, as with Ausgang, a group show within a show, set in a pink-painted room to call their own. Spaces are created, physically, mentally and psychogeographically. Georgina Scott Angless finds out who she can be in ‘Freedom.’ Elsewhere, there are at least two huts, and much getting back to nature, as if yearning after some old-fashioned idyll of home. As Susie Goodwin says, ‘. . . looking back, it was always about the daisies . . .’

Inquiry Minutiae matters. As in Bridget Steed’s ‘37 Inverleith Place’, set inside pull-out drawers where remnants of a town-house now reside. It’s a cupboard full of ghosts, forensically sweeping up the past.

Provocation Kevin Harman’s (work pictured above) experiment in community relations via 200 borrowed ‘welcome’ mats may be back with their rightful owners by now, the space left behind speaking volumes. See also Christopher Viviani’s half-devoured chocolate head and Finlay Cramb’s text-based narratives.

And dissent? Just check out JA Harrington of Ausgang’s written, zine-like responses to a formal examination by his alma mater. As art school ethos goes, biting the hand that feeds him becomes practice itself.

Edinburgh College of Art Degree Show

Annual degree show featuring work by graduating students across all disciplines. An ideal opportunity to view, commission and purchase new work. There are nine days of free public viewing, including two late night openings.

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