Jake Johnson was 'surprised' by fun Tom Cruise

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  • 17 June 2017
Jake Johnson

Jake Johnson

Jake Johnson has admitted he never expected Tom Cruise to be as fun as he was while working on 'The Mummy'

Jake Johnson was "pleasantly surprised" by how fun Tom Cruise was to work with on 'The Mummy'.

The 39-year-old actor - who is best known for playing Nick Miller in the popular comedy 'New Girl' - stars alongside the Hollywood legend in the new fantasy film as Sgt. Vail and has admitted he was initially fearful of how they would get on because he'd done his research on Tom's style of work.

Speaking to Collider.com, he said: "I had read a lot about Tom Cruise and his methods - in terms of doing his own stunts and his intensity. I was really pleasantly surprised about how fun Tom was to work with and what an electric charge you get from him, and how much he loves movies and how much that actually rubs off. He makes you feel like you're a kid again."

Meanwhile, Tom, 54, is known for playing the hero that "saves the day" in movies such as the 'Mission: Impossible' franchise and 'Jack Reacher', but director Alex Kurtzman has said the idea of taking control away from his character Nick Morton in the reboot of the monster franchise was "interesting" to him.

He said recently: "We have over 30 years of knowing Tom Cruise is going to save the day, in order to make the movie unpredictable I loved the idea that suddenly his control over the situation would be taken away from him ... That got me excited, it felt like it served two purposes in that it honoured a key Mummy power but it also made a Tom Cruise movie feel different and interesting."

And whilst Nick is still billed as the protagonist of the movie, Tom recently said there are a lot of "grey areas" in his character which present him as an anti-hero.

He said: "He's kind of naughty, Nick, a little bit. He's somebody who's a thief, an interesting character. We follow him as he takes us through this new world of gods and monsters in the new Dark Universe world and with this Dark Universe, you have these grey area characters. [Nick] is questionable, but he's very charming and funny."

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