The Only Way Is Essex cast to pitch for their place in The Only Way Is Marbs special

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  • 17 June 2017
'The Only Way Is Essex' star Bobby Norris

'The Only Way Is Essex' star Bobby Norris

The cast of 'The Only Way Is Essex' reportedly have to plea for their place in upcoming 'The Only Way Is Marbs' Summer special, and hand in their pitches next month to secure a seat on the plane to the sunny resort

The cast of 'The Only Way Is Essex' reportedly have to plea for their place in upcoming 'The Only Way Is Marbs' Summer special.

The popular ITVBe programme are known for jetting the reality stars off to a sunny resort to a film a spin-off show, however it is rumoured the production team are going to make it harder for the show's members to enjoy a free holiday to Spain, which will see them pitch to show bosses to secure their place on the plane, the Sun Online has reported.

The show will start filming in the popular hotspot in Marbella in August this year, and it is believed the cast, which includes Megan McKenna, Bobby Norris, Chloe Sims, Lauren Pope, Tommy Mallett and Georgia Kousoulou, will have to prove they will be as controversial as possible in the forthcoming season to ensure they can enjoy pool parties in the Costa Del Sol.

Although filming is set to start in two months' time, it is rumoured the cast will have to perfect their pitches and voice them to the show's bosses within the next few weeks.

It is believed the show's creative team will then select the most dramatic bunch in a bid to make it a more "entertaining" series.

Speaking about the new plan, a source said: "Taking the crew and cast out to Marbella doesn't come cheap.

"Everyone knows it's a playground for the rich and famous and with the show in its seventh year it wants to make sure it stays as entertaining as possible.

"It's a free holiday to an amazing place so why wouldn't they want to go?

"And some need the show to maintain their careers."

Jamie Reed, who was embroiled in a messy break-up with former lover Amber on the show's last season, has confirmed him and his new flame, Jade Lewis, have a guaranteed spot in the episodes shot in Marbella.

Speaking previously, he said: "Marbs is coming - we start filming in August.

"Me and Jade are going and we start all the talks in July and we go from there.

"And it's about what drama you bring, what's going on in your life and I'm sure I've got enough to bring to the table."

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