Cat Deeley to host new Sky talent show Pitch Perfectly

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  • 16 June 2017
Cat Deeley

Cat Deeley

Cat Deeley will front new Sky music talent show 'Pitch Perfectly', her first UK show in seven years

Cat Deeley is to host new music show 'Pitch Perfectly'.

The 40-year-old presenter - who is currently based in the US - will head back to the UK to front the new talent show for Sky TV, believed to be inspired by the 2012 film 'Pitch Perfect', which will feature song battles against choirs and acapella groups.

But it looks like there may be some rivalry as the format is thought to be very similar to the BBC's 'Pitch Battle', which will hit television screens this weekend.

A source told the Daily Star newspaper: "It may look like the shows are similar but ours was in development long before the BBC one and our choirs are purely acapella."

Cat - who is married to Patrick Kielty, 46 - hasn't presented a show in the UK since fronting BBC's 'So You Think You Can Dance' in 2010, but it looks like she has a lot more than just the music show in her pipeline as she's set to reunite with Ant and Dec to host a one-off special of 'SM:TV Live' to celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2018.

The blonde beauty presented the children's TV show alongside the duo from 1998 - until 2003 and confirmed she was up for rekindling with the pair to recreate the fun, which included games such as 'wonky donkey' and 'chums'.

Ant and Dec previously spoke of their excitement for the reunion, Dec said: "ITV said 'oh so you've re-commissioned it on air have you?' but they're on board now and we've had first discussions about it and it looks like it's going to go ahead, not this September but next August/September."

Ant added: "It will be 20 years to the year. We can't have the same studio unfortunately as it's all getting changed around but we are getting the team back together. It will be three hours, but we are in our forties now."

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