Butt-shaking Sylvia

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 17 June 2008

Sylvia in the lounge

Sylvia set the boys' pulses racing this morning (17.06.08) as she shook her butt around the living room.

As Luke, Mohamed and Dale sat eating their breakfast Sylvia strutted past them, causing all the boys to comment on her assets.

Luke wondered: "Do you have to work it all the time Sylv? She has to work it all the time."

After Sylvia sat down at the table Luke decided the time was ripe for a naughty question, and asked her: "Do you have to tone your backside?"

The wannabe-model claimed her rear was toned enough already, to which Luke replied "yeah, I know."

Seemingly in a frisky mood, Luke later assured the group he would never sleep with Margaret Thatcher.

Meanwhile, Mohamed tried to convince Rebecca to show her breasts last night (16.06.08).

After hearing Mohamed tell Bex her bra was like "a hammock", Kathreya decided to join in the fun and told Bex she should flash her assets because "you have good ones."

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