Japanese shopping task

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 17 June 2008

Housemates in the garden

The housemates have been set a Japanese-themed shopping task.

This week's task will see each of the contestants try to master a tricky Japanese art or skill, including learning the language, attending karate school, mastering the art of chopsticks and taking part in a karaoke challenge.

The group awoke this morning (17.06.08) to the classic pop song 'Turning Japanese' and quickly discovered the living room had been transformed into a Japanese-style space, with low dining tables, futon seating and lanterns.

Special mats had also been laid out in the garden, prompting several of the group to start wrestling.

The housemates have also been told they will have to wear Geisha-style make-up, and are speculating they will have to learn how to cook Japanese food.

There are three signs written in Japanese in the garden, and unbeknown to the hopefuls one of them cheekily states: "If you stand on this spot on one leg and bark like a dog, you will automatically win a luxury shopping budget for the group."

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