Single premiere: Storm the Palace – 'Go Home'

Storm the Palace: 'Go Home' - single premiere

Listen to an exclusive stream of Storm the Palace's latest single

The latest track from Edinburgh's Storm the Palace is 'Go Home', a raucous number whose bold guitar and piano noise almost disguise descriptive lyrics that tell a slightly darker tale.

The song is taken from the band's debut album, Snow, Stars and Public Transport, a record nine years in the making. Taking cues and inspiration from the likes of Édith Piaf and Françoise Hardy, it blends European folk, 60s vibes and 90s guitar bands, presided over by Sophie Dodds' chanteuse-style vocals.

'I've always thought there was a fine line between fear and laziness,' says Dodds. 'I've always struggled with apathy and low energy levels, but sometimes I wonder if that isn't just a mask for a lack of self-confidence. These aren't rock'n'roll things to admit but I think a lot of people have the same problem and, for better or worse, my policy has always been one of honesty. I've always had a staggering awe for people who can really concentrate on something and work really hard at it for a long time, put in the 10,000 hours. I struggle to get my head around that. Most of us will find only a few minutes in a day where we have the headspace to even think about something vaguely poetic.

'So I thought it would be funny to write a really boisterous, grandiose pop song that was all about lethargy and giving up. Our drummer, Gordon, came up with the idea of beginning with this neurotic, slightly dysfunctional-sounding guitar riff that then explodes into this full-band cacophony. Reuben pissed piano everywhere and Pippa supplied these luxurious vocal harmonies that could be the choirs of angels. Of all our songs this is the one I most enjoy playing live at the moment – it feels like exorcising a lot of demons.'

Give 'Go Home' at listen here.

Snow, Stars and Public Transport is out now via Abandoned Love Records.

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