Love Island contestants want love

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  • 13 June 2017
Caroline Flack

Caroline Flack

Caroline Flack is convinced all of the contestants taking part in this year's 'Love Island' are hoping to find a match

Caroline Flack is adamant all the contestants on this year's 'Love Island' have gone on the show with the intention of finding love - and not just for the "experience" or publicity.

The show's host is so pleased with how well this year's series is going, despite it only being on screens for five days, because there's already so much drama kicking off in the villa but she's convinced none of them have gone into the villa to boost their profile.

Speaking on 'Loose Women' on Tuesday (13.06.17), she said: "We're putting in a lot of options so that's why when someone new comes in their eyes wander ... I just find it interesting watching their relationships develop and I think that's why the show does so well because we're all so fascinated with relationships, we're all nosey and these change daily. I think they're getting used to the cameras and getting to know one another but as soon as feelings get involved, they can't hide their feelings.

"They've all gone in to find love. It's not like they've just gone in their for the experience like 'Big Brother'. This year is about coupling up and finding love."

The 37-year-old has been presenting the romantic reality TV show since its debut in 2015 and has admitted she probably has one of the "best" jobs in television.

She said: "I have a great job. It's been a lot of fun so far. This series is hectic and everybody is talking about it."

With that in mind, the brunette beauty thinks it would be "weird" if she wasn't asked to return as the host next year and is already eyeing up the gig for 2018.

She said recently: "I would love to be back presenting the show next year - it'd be weird not to be back."

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