Video premiere: Breakfast Muff – 'R U A Feminist'

Breakfast Muff: Video premiere – R U A Feminist

Watch an exclusive video premiere for Breakfast Muff's tenacious new track

Breakfast Muff's latest video for 'R U A Feminist' is simple, angry, spikey – stop motion animation flowers try to grow, but are shafted in return, while Eilidh McMillan lambasts basic boys who try to use feminism to falsely present themselves as an ally. The group, an amalgamation of Glasgow's DIY punk scene, are Eilidh McMillan (Rapid Tan, Joanna Gruesome) Simone Wilson (Hairband, Mary Column) and Cal Donnelly (Spinning Coin, Rapid Tan). Their uncompromising album Eurgh! is a raging celebration of ferociousness, angry rock, and creativity.

The video for 'R U A Feminist' is animated/directer by George Garthwaite who says: 'It's a frame-by-frame animation following flowers in their struggle against the elements, paired with imagery of people plagued by clouds in their day-to-day lives. Made with hundreds of individual drawings the video is put together in a simplistic and naive style. The imagery, presentation and themes of the animation pair with the lyrical content of the song, concerning the patriarch, its ability to deceive, and how we must react to, and overcome, such an insurmountable force.'

Breakfast Muff themselves add to this: 'This song is about anyone who uses feminism to mask their violence, exclusion or oppression towards others, eg: white feminism, TERFs and shady guys in the scene.'

Check out 'R U A Feminist' here.

Eurgh! is out on Fri 7 Jul via Amour Foo.