Gareth Malone's new show won't be popularity contest

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  • 13 June 2017
Gareth Malone

Gareth Malone

Gareth Malone insists his new show 'Pitch Battle' is about pure talent - not popularity

Gareth Malone is adamant his new show 'Pitch Battle' won't be a "popularity contest" and he won't be adopting the same judging tactics as 'The X Factor's Simon Cowell.

The choirmaster will be joined by 'Milkshake' hitmaker Kelis on the new talent show, which will see six groups compete as they belt out show-stopping numbers, before taking part in riff-offs and then a solo round with choral backing, this weekend and is convinced the format will be something viewers have never seen on Saturday night TV before because he'll be dishing out contestants "proper" feedback and advice.

He said: "I'm fine being a judge. That's exactly what you are when you're a choice-master. You're listening and judging the sound all the time.

"This show is just about musical performance. It's not a popularity contest. We don't have our own acts. I will be giving proper feedback, using technical terms, talking about dynamics and choral support.

"What 'Strictly Come Dancing' does for dance, we will do for music and I can hand-on-heart say that hasn't happened on a Saturday-night music entertainment show before."

But, although it's about pure talent, the 41-year-old star has promised it will be a lot of fun as they've already got one 70-year-old woman on the show doing a mic drop.

He said: "We've got all ages in this. There's a woman in her 70s doing a mic drop."

Although he's excited about the series hitting screens, he's well aware that he may receive some negative feedback but he doesn't mind because it's an "upbeat" show.

Speaking to the Radio Times magazine, he said: "There's always someone telling me that competitiveness is anti-singing. Nonsense. Performing is scary and exciting. You produce your best work on stage. Yes, this is a competition, but we're also making something to entertain. It's a jolly, upbeat show in what is really quite a bleak time."

'Pitch Battle' will air on BBC on Saturday, June 17 at 7.30pm.

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