Pixie Lott defends rejection on The Voice Kids

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  • 11 June 2017
Pixie Lott

Pixie Lott

Pixie Lott has defended critics of 'The Voice Kids', insisting rejection is part of the reality of a showbiz career

Pixie Lott insists the rejection faced by young hopefuls on 'The Voice Kids' is "really healthy" for them.

The 26-year-old singer is a judge on the talent show alongside will.i.am and McFly's Danny Jones, and having started performing herself when she was very young, appearing in West End shows and signing her first record deal at the age of 15, she's dealt with the realities of showbiz from a similar age to the contestants, who are aged 7-14.

As a result, Pixie insists it is important for anyone hoping for a career in showbiz to understand they won't always get every job they audition for.

She said: "I learnt about rejection really young because I was going for auditions and getting nos. I think you have to realise that you can't be told yes the whole time.

"It's really healthy for kids to learn about it young, especially if you want to be in this business, because you're going to get it a lot.

And Pixie believes it is far easier for young people to deal with rejection than someone older.

She added to Fabulous magazine: "When you're younger you have a thicker skin and get over it in a couple of days.

"It doesn't affect me now, and if someone says no then I move on to the next thing. Whereas if I had just started to experience it then I think I'd have a really hard time."

The blonde beauty is all too aware of the highs and lows of the entertainment industry and believes people should always weigh up their passion for performance against the realities of rejection and criticism.

She said: "It's not an easy business, and there's no way you can say that it is. I don't think you should go into this industry unless you really love it.

"It's really tough and crazy. But if you get knock-backs, fall to the ground and don't pick yourself up, there's no way that you'll be in this business for a long time."

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