'Conservative' Anne Hathaway

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  • 17 June 2008
Anne Hathaway

'Conservative' Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway says she is "conservative".

The 'Devil Wears Prada' star revealed she hates showing off her breasts in skimpy outfits when she goes out, but is proud to flash her legs.

She told America's In Style magazine: "I've always been on the conservative side when it comes to showing skin. I'm from that school where you show one part of your body, not all of it. So compared to other girls, I'm quite prim.

"One of my favourite things to wear on a night out is a short turtleneck mini-dress. Everything up top is covered and then it's just all about your legs."

Anne recently revealed she was happy to have the opportunity to show her comedic side in new movie 'Get Smart', in which she stars as a female spy opposite Steve Carell.

She said: "I get to be funny in this movie - most Bond girls have to wear bikinis, and I didn't have to do that, which I think everyone was grateful for. And, no disrespect to Bond girls, I feel my character is the lighter interpretation of a Bond girl.

"I'm just thinking of Halle Berry, for example, and she kicked a** in her Bond movie. And I feel like I got to engage in the action arena of the film, but also got to trade quips with Steve Carell. I can see the similarities although, at the same time, I feel this is very different."

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