Poldark fans knit Ross dolls and post to Aidan Turner

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  • 9 June 2017
Aidan Turner

Aidan Turner

'Poldark' hunk Aidan Turner has revealed his weirdest fan mail is replica knitted dolls of himself as Ross in the award-winning series

Aidan Turner gets bombarded with knitted replicas of himself.

The hunky actor insists his titular role in 'Poldark' hasn't led to him getting deluged with saucy fanmail, but instead he receives "kind" notes, sweet treats, impressive art work and woolly dolls.

He said: "It may surprise you to learn that I don't get any saucy fan mail or at least none that I see. Maybe it's censored and I'm only getting the nice, kind letters.

"I'm certainly not the recipient of anything rude or sexy.

"I seem to get a lot of sweets, which might suggest that people are trying to fatten me up. Oh, and replicas of the character in knitted form - little woollen models of Ross.

"[The artwork], some are truly amazing, they're done in oils, watercolour or charcoal. The people who send them in have real talent."

The 33-year-old actor caused a stir when his character previously scythed topless, but Aidan has warned fans there's no similar scene this year, though that doesn't mean Ross will keep his shirt on at all times.

He told Closer magazine: "Sorry - you may struggle to spot any topless scything this time around.

"We were filming in February, in Cornwall. What I will say is look out for scenes in the Poldarks' bedroom - where it was nice and warm - which may or may not lead to Ross stripping down to his waist."

Meanwhile, Aidan is sad it might soon be time to say goodbye to one of his beloved co-stars.

He said: "My horse Seamus is brilliant - he's my hero. Though there's talk of him retiring now and not being part of the fourth series.

"It will be difficult to say goodbye, I've formed a huge attachment to him."

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