Chris Evans hints at more Captain America

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  • 9 June 2017
Chris Evans

Chris Evans

Chris Evans has hinted he is keen to play Captain America in further films once his contract runs out

Chris Evans has hinted he will extend his contract with Marvel.

The 35-year-old actor recently finished filming 'Avengers: Infinity War' and will soon begin work on the fourth 'Avengers' movie, and although that is the final movie in his multi-picture deal as Captain America/Steve Rogers, he suggested he would happily return to the role again after that.

He teased: "Captain America is fun to do -- and Marvel have the Midas touch. It has been the gift that keeps on giving."

Meanwhile, Chris can next be seen in 'Gifted', as "limbering gorilla" Frank Adler who cares for his niece, a mathematical genius.

And the actor adored working with 10-year-old Mckenna Grace, who plays his young relative, Mary, because she made it "very easy" for everyone who worked on the film.

He told the Daily Mail newspaper's Baz Bamigboye: "Mckenna's a force to be reckoned with: a real firecracker . . . very wise for her age!

"She's a fresh new soul who made it very easy for everyone -- and she tells jokes!"

And Chris believes their bond developed well because director Marc Webb allowed them a lot of time to rehearse before they started film.

He said: "There was time to develop a bond, and trust built very quickly. That's the key. We trusted each other.

"Mckenna's mum was with her and we all hung out and ate together when we could."

Chris' scenes with Lindsay Duncan also proved to be a hit during filming.

He joked: "The crew would burst into applause after scenes with Lindsay. That normally never happens! I felt like I was back in the theatre at summer camp."

The hunky actor believes it is important to take regular breaks from Hollywood so he doesn't miss out on great experiences or develops a "cold heart" from working too much.

He said: "You don't want to look back and say: 'Yeah, life was great, but I f***ing missed it'. Or, 'I was there, but I wasn't.' You know, this business can become more about binary and maths and having a cold heart if you're not careful.

"So I do step away occasionally. I go home to Massachusetts to rest."

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