5 Reasons To Go See - Reggae

  1. It’s hot
    Nothing says summer like sweet reggae music. That enviable Caribbean climate seems to emanate from the speakers, giving all a feel-good, lazy day, sunshine quality. It’s just the weather, right?
  2. It’s heady
    While great for kicking back and nodding your head in the homestead, that distinctive blend of hypnotic rhythms and bowel-worrying bass is designed to make you move at the dance.
  3. It’s wise
    With its roots in Rastafarianism, reggae regularly preaches One Love, espousing a politicised ‘live and let live’ attitude that’s as judicious today as ever.
  4. It’s wordy
    Reggae’s inseparable affiliation with marijuana leads to statements of inspired wisdom from its spokesmen, as well as baffling outbursts: ‘Free speech carries with it some freedom to listen’ (Bob Marley). ‘Those who love Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry music shall live forever; those who fight against Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry shall die forever in Doomsville’ (Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry).
  5. It’s British
    Well, of course, it isn’t but the UK has played an important part in promoting and exporting reggae worldwide thanks to labels such as Trojan Records. Hailing from a small island in the commonwealth, Jamaica’s reggae music is the product of a comparable tradition in taking the now sounds of America and relaying them in one’s own inimitable style.

Luciano & Jah Messenjah, Liquid Room, Edinburgh, Mon 23 Jun; Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Liquid Room, Edinburgh, Thu 26 Jun; Rockers Revolt featuring Pama International, Soundhaus, Glasgow, Sun 29 Jun; Liquid Room, Edinburgh, Mon 30 Jun.

Pama International, The Slackers and The Pietasters

Soul-injected ska, rocksteady and dub collective Pama International head this Rockers Revolt night, plus DJ support from Mungo's Sound System.

Luciano & the Jahmessenjah Band and The Ranking Roger Soundstystem

Reggae legend playing his first ever Scottish date, with support from The Beat frontman Ranking Roger.

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