Sylvia's intimate piercing

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  • 17 June 2008

Sylvia in the diary room

Sylvia shocked housemates by admitting she has her private parts pierced last night (16.06.08).

The student revealed her intimate secret while the group were discussing tattoos and piercings, and her revelation left many of the other 'Big Brother' contestants speechless.

She said: "I didn't even shake when I had it done, I don't feel pain."

Meanwhile, Sylvia is adamant Michael has a crush on Rebecca.

As the housemates enjoyed a late-night dip in the swimming pool last night (16.06.08), Sylvia began to question Mikey on his feelings for Bex and claimed she saw him getting up close and personal with the nursery nurse the previous evening (15.06.08).

Sylvia said: "Mikey, I sense there's something going on between you and Bex. Comments and that."

A clearly embarrassed Mikey played down the accusation, and hastily added he could never go out with Bex because she smokes.

However, Sylvia trumped the radio producer by declaring: "I saw you stroking her leg the other night."

Not denying the allegation, Mikey said: "I just like the feel of her legs, they're nice to stroke. We all know Becky's only got eyes for Luke."

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