Housemates torment Luke

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  • 17 June 2008

Dennis and Bex in the bedroom

Luke became increasingly irate as housemates played pranks on him last night (16.06.08).

The suit-loving student wanted to go to bed early as he felt unwell, but Rebecca, Dennis and Sylvia decided to disturb his slumber by larking about.

After Luke settled down in the luxury bedroom Bex and Sylvia followed him in, and proceeded to giggle uncontrollably.

Bex decided to crawl across the floor of the room and jump up at Luke, but he soon realised what was happening and foiled her plan by calling her "stupid."

Undeterred, Bex tried to move towards Luke again but fell over in a fit of laughter after Sylvia farted.

Calling the situation "absurd" an angry Luke told the girls to go to bed.

Later, Dennis decided to get in on the action by pulling down his shorts in front of Luke's face while the student's eyes were closed.

Dennis stayed in position until Luke opened his eyes, and cried out in shock.

Sylvia then farted in Luke's face, causing the weary student to exclaim "this is what torture is like!" before storming to the toilet.

Irritated Luke got no respite from his tormentors - when he came back to the bedroom Bex started dancing around him.

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