Neill Blomkamp still upset at Chappie

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  • 8 June 2017
Neill Blomkamp

Neill Blomkamp

Film director Neill Blomkamp says he is still upset that the audience didn't understand his 2015 film 'Chappie' but claims he still loves it

Neill Blomkamp is still "upset" fans didn't understand 'Chappie'.

The director helmed the 2015 production, which follows a robot who is vulnerable to his surroundings similar to that of a human child but after spending a few days living with a pair of gangsters Chappie goes from a young artist to a gun-weilding outlaw, but has admitted the negative remarks the film garnered was "painful" for him.

Speaking to Den of Geek, Blomkamp said: "I'm still upset the fact that it didn't work. I wish that it did, but it just didn't and I still love it.

"'Chappie' was unbelievably painful for me. That was difficult on several levels.

"But the thing with 'Chappie' was, it felt like it was extremely close to the film I had in my head. Up until the film came out I felt like I had given my all and that I'd tried my hardest to make the film I had in my head and I felt like I achieved that."

Despite the director feeling like he achieved what he set out to do, the film wasn't a box office hit but Blomkamp claims he will continue to make movies because he "loves it".

He explained: "I'm doing it because I love it, and I'm basing how I feel about it on what it makes me feel. It put me in a very strange place for a while. I think that I completely came out of it making the right choice, which is that I'm just going to do stuff that I love.

"And that could actually lead to me living in the gutter. I mean it could literally lead to complete and utter collapse. But I would rather live in a dumpster, I think, being creatively honest and true to myself than not."

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