Emma Willis thought appendicitis was just 'tummy ache'

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  • 7 June 2017
Emma Willis (c) ITV This Morning

Emma Willis (c) ITV This Morning

Emma Willis has said she thought her appendicitis was just a "tummy ache" as she didn't think adults could contract the illness

Emma Willis thought her appendicitis was just "tummy ache".

The 41-year-old television presenter had been planning to treat her husband Matt Willis - with whom she has children Isabelle, seven, Ace, five, and 12-month-old Trixie Grace - to a "surprise birthday trip" to Ibiza, but was forced to cancel it when she was admitted to A&E and had to undergo emergency surgery after suffering from excruciating pains in her stomach.

Speaking on ITV's 'This Morning' on Wednesday (07.06.17), Emma said: "I was about to get on a plane and take my husband away and I thought 'I have a tummy ache, I don't know what's going on I better get myself checked out'.

"So I went into A&E and they said you need surgery. It was really weird. It was appendicitis. They said how gross it was when they got in there they said 'We can't understand how you weren't in more pain.'

"I was like 'I've had three kids, it just felt like a bit of a tummy ache.' It was just one of those things. I always think appendicitis is for young people; for teenagers or kids.

"I was like 'I'm a grown-up, do you get appendicitis when you're a grown-up?' It was just quite random. But they were fantastic, the NHS and Barnet Hospital were just absolutely brilliant."

Last month, 'The Voice UK' host shared a picture on her Instagram account of herself in her medical gown smiling next to her surgeon Marco Venza, shortly after her surgery was complete.

Meanwhile, Emma also slammed rumours that her and musician Matt, 34, are planning on renewing their wedding vows for their 10th anniversary in 2018.

She said: "I had a conversation with a journalist who said it was my 10th wedding anniversary and asked if I would be renewing my wedding vows.

"I said that would be a lovely idea. And then it was all over the press saying we are renewing our vows."

Emma, who is currently busy hosting the latest series of 'Big Brother', will also be seen on screens presenting 'The Voice Kids' which starts this Saturday (10.06.17).

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