Tina Malone won't select gender of new baby

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  • 6 June 2017
Tina Malone on Loose Women

Tina Malone on Loose Women

Tina Malone and her husband Paul Chase are going to go ahead and have another child but they will not select the gender of their baby

Tina Malone has made a decision to not select the gender of her next baby.

The former 'Shameless' actress and her husband Paul Chase are going to have a second child together, this time using a surrogate mother rather than using IVF like they did to have their three-year-old daughter Flame.

Initially, Tina and Paul were going to pick to have a boy because Flame wants a brother but now they are going to leave it to chance.

In a joint interview on 'Loose Women', Paul said: "I do feel you're pushing it by picking the gender. Over the last 24 hours I've kind of decided to leave it in the lap of the gods."

Tina then added: "I'm prepared to leave it in the lap of the gods. It was suggested to us that we had boys and girls there and what would we like. I've always wanted a boy and then Flame went, 'Oh I want a brother.' But I went, 'But a boy won't play dolls with you.' "

The 54-year-old actress has been criticised for her decision to have another baby so late in life but she is adamant she has enough energy and love to give.

Tina had initially travelled to Cyprus to destroy the remaining eggs but then when it came to the moment decided she wanted to use them.

She said: "We have eight embryos already, from when we had Flame. We originally went over to get rid of them so people could store theirs ... My surgeon said I was fit enough, healthy enough and hopefully wise enough to have another one. Paul categorically and emphatically said, 'No. At your age I'm not risking you getting ill.' I got pre-eclampsia 48 hours before I had Flame.

"I'd have another three if I could, I love kids and I have more energy with Flame. I've gone backwards I've got the energy to do it ... I'm thinking of Flame having a sibling and Paul having two children. When my child graduates at the age of 21 I maybe 75 but I'll be rocking and rolling at 75."

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