Where in the World highlights the simple joys of childhood (4 stars)

Where in the World highlights the simple joys of childhood

CBeebies series takes a closer look at the lives of children all across the globe

In the adult universe, division is not only rife but a constant source of dysfunction and disaster. Children, as witnessed in a charming new CBeebies series, are by and large the same the world over. They may be naturally prone to local or national customs and have a myriad of languages, but their sense of play and wonderment is a constant thread which binds them all together. And, like everyone else, they can get a little frustrated at their siblings.

Across 20 episodes of Where in the World?, we meet the likes of Hamza, an eight year old lad from Jordan out shopping for a present for his baby sister; six year old Indian girl Anushka heads for a family gathering in the countryside; Italian Mario (aged seven) writes some verse in a birthday card for his dad in a touching symbol of familial love. A father will always want to give something back to their kid, of course, and unless they're one of those crazy Competitive Dad types, they'll copy the pop of eight year old Canadian Rhys and deliberately lose at a skiing race (three times over, the legend).

Culinary matters are never too far from the screen with Vietnam's Truc digging up some carrots to make a healthy salad (though all she really wants to do is fire into a bowl of noodles), while Russian Liza has a gentle battle with her brother over some blueberry picking. While the much-consuming leisure pursuits of FaceTime and Snapchats might not be too far off into the distance for these kids, the simple joys of hanging out with family still have a universal appeal.

CBeebies, premiered Mon 5 Jun, and continues at 4.30pm every Monday for 19 weeks on Cbeebies.

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